‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 spoilers: Sasha Pieterse teases (shocker!) more surprises

Guess what? There are going to be some times on “Pretty Little Liars” the rest of season 4 that could blow your socks off. Heck, there could be some moments where your socks simultaneously combust. Did you really think that Ali was going to be found alive in the way that she was, or that Ezra was going to be a part of the “A Team” after all the effort the show took to make him look like the nice guy? This is one of those shows where you almost have to doubt everything, except for the fact that Toby should really put whatever product he uses for his hair on the market.

For some hints on what some of these  reveals could be this time, we turn to a woman in Sasha Pieterse who, as Ali, has seen more crazy things evolve than most. Speaking to TV Guide, she teases that as this season progresses, you are going to find out more and more about what happened to her in a way that will truly shock you:

“There are a few key things you see this season that really scar you. It’s really disturbing the way the night of Ali’s disappearance went down.” 

There have been all sorts of little flashbacks here and there over the years that have suggested that nothing on the night of her “death” was as it seems, including that little while last year where we thought that Aria’s father was involved. (Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case, and the only real tragedy now befalling Chad Lowe is that it took Lena Dunham to really give him the respect he deserves.)

“Pretty Little Liars” still has quite the array of new episodes left on ABC Family, so keep watch for the rest of them to air, and for us to have more scoop as they churn out.

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