Could ‘Doctor Who’s’ Matt Smith appear in ‘Sherlock’ season 4? Steven Moffat says…

Doctor Who -Could we be set for a major crossover when it comes to “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock“? If you are thinking in terms of Benedict Cumberbatch coming face to face with the Tardis, that’s not going to happen at all; as for the idea of seeing a former Doctor grace the world of another Steven Moffat show in a different role, the needle may also be pointing towards that.

Speaking in a new interview with Zap2It, Moffat did address the idea as to whether or not there could someday be an appearance by Matt on “Sherlock,” and based on his comments alone, it does not appear as though he is necessarily against it if the right role came around:

“If there was a perfect part for Smith, there’s no rule against it. We wouldn’t want it to be stunt casting, because stunt casting doesn’t work, so it would have to be just because he was overwhelming right for it … I love working with Matt. He’s a phenomenal actor. I’d jump at the chance to work with him again. I don’t know how likely that is to be on the set of Sherlock.”

In the end, we have to side with Moffat here. There would be a brief split second or so where our brain would completely freak out at the thought of seeing Matt again on another BBC show created by him, but we wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the action other than trying to process the fact that we were seeing Matt on the show. Crossovers are more often than not the sort of thing that happens with fanfiction, and probably works best when it is left there. It is still amazing that the “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary Special worked, and that was only crossing over past Doctors into each others’ worlds.

Now, we’ll turn this over to you to play casting director. If you were in charge of “Sherlock” and wanted to cast Matt Smith for a role, what would you choose? Let us know your thoughts below, and click here to see the new comments of the latest Doctor in Peter Capaldi!

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Photo: BBC

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