‘American Horror Story: Coven’: Episode 10 review: Stevie Nicks and the battle for supremacy

It has been a long time since there has been a new episode of “American Horror Story: Coven” and this season has had so many stories going on (including a few that they should’ve really just cut from the season) that we barely remember what’s been happening. One thing we do know is that we are pretty well over the idea that everyone can die and then just come back to life again. This makes it fairly impossible to scare the viewers into thinking a character could actually be gone for good. Half the cast has been resurrected at this point!

Fiona tries to make Misty trust her by bringing in “white witch” Stevie Nicks to play a few tunes for her and give her one of her famous shawls. As much as we love Stevie Nicks having her on the show really didn’t add anything.

Madison is convinced that she is still the next supreme and tries to work over Misty, but Misty’s not falling for it… not at first. Once Madison brings Misty to a graveyard and shows Misty that she now has the power to bring people back from the dead she tells Misty to drop the shawl Stevie gave her in an empty casket.  Just as she is about to drop the shawl, Madison hits Misty over the head with a brick, throws her into the casket, and locks her in leaving her to get buried alive in a crypt by the two grounds men. Is Misty dead? No one stays buried on this show, so don’t be surprised to see her pop up again.

Nan learns of Luke’s death and pumps his mother for information on where is body is being held so that she can get Misty to bring him back to life. When she finds out that Luke has been cremated Nan loses her mind and forces the mother to drink bleach.

Marie reveals to Fiona that she sold her soul to a demon named Papa Legba  300 years ago in exchange for ever lasting life. Besides her soul, Papa Legba will show up once a year and she has to give him what he wants and the first thing he asked her for was her first born child (the soul of an innocent). Fiona summons Papa Legba to ask for ever lasting life and after the deal is negotiated (the same deal as Marie has with him) he tries to take her soul and then tells her the deal is off because she has no soul. She decides that she needs to kill the whole coven to ensure that the next supreme is dead so that she can continue living forever.

Marie steals a baby to give to Papa Legba as his yearly request for the soul of an innocent, but Fiona convinces Marie that they should kill Nan instead and offer her soul to him. This made us shake our head since she is hardly an innocent soul. She been with men, is a witch and just told them she killed Luke’s mother. They beg Papa to take Nan’s soul instead and even though she’s not innocent he agrees. Is Nan dead?

We love the characters of Misty and Nan, but because of the way this season has been set up with everyone coming back from the dead we just aren’t that shocked or worried that we wont’ see them again. Death means nothing on this show and it leaves the viewer a little frustrated. Also they need to lose the musical numbers, it didn’t work last year and watching Stevie Nicks perform not once but twice added nothing to the story. Grade: D +

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