‘Bones’ season 9, episode 12 video: Emily Deschanel’s Brennan and the Ghost Killer obsession

Ghost in the Killer -Is there really a “Ghost Killer” out there somewhere, and if so, is Brennan going to be able to find them? These are both questions that are going to be have to addressed when “Bones” season 9 picks back up on Friday night with what should be a pretty powerful episode.

One of the stories that we are personally looking forward to seeing the show tackle is whether or not one of the Jeffersonian’s finest is starting to lose her mind in the midst of all the pressure that this job puts on her.

In some ways, it would make sense that her mind was starting to fabricate something like the Ghost Killer, given everything that she has been through already. Plus, she may be subconsciously craving a challenge again. Her personal life is in order thanks to both Booth and their daughter Christine, and her top adversary Pelant has already been taken care of. So what else is there for the two of them to tackle? Beyond just the typical case, there may be some sort of subconscious need once again for that sort of “great rival” that she can take on. This would clearly be a good example of it, since everyone else still seems to be somewhat flabbergasted about it.

Given what we know Emily Deschanel is capable of, we’re excited to see the story unfold here. Who knows? By the end of it Friday, we could have a new long-term villain to keep an eye out for.

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Photo: Fox

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