‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Chris Harrison gives insight into Juan Pablo Galavis’ season

Juan Pablo -The Bachelor” with Juan Pablo Galavis got off to a pretty solid start on Monday, at least when it comes to some notable contestants and solid ratings. But what about the journey ahead?

Every season, Chris Harrison has been one to do a few interviews here and there, and give some insight into just what the journey ahead for each one of the leading men or women is going to be. But what is interesting about his take on Juan Pablo is that he doesn’t quite seem as confident in him as he does in some other Bachelors of late, mostly because he seemed to be a very hard person to figure out through the whole process. Many other guys on the show have been fairly open, and it doesn’t quite seem like this is the case for the single dad / soccer player from Miami.

Let’s start first of all with Harrison’s tease on the story ahead per TV Guide:

“I think it’ll be a hard season to pick the women he’s attracted to because it’s an interesting mix and it’s hard to put a finger on his type. I’m really excited to see how people take him and everything that goes on because there was this initial infatuation with him, but there’s more to life than a cute accent and good abs and therein lies what we’re about to see this season.”

What we personally read from this quote is that there is a suggestion that there is an inner Juan Pablo beyond just what made everyone like him in the first place, and that may not be something that every person is on board with. (Heck, we already saw that with Sharleen after she almost turned away the First Impression Rose.)

One other interesting quote from the interview is when Harrison suggests that Juan Pablo may not have been invested in the same way that some other past Bachelors have been:

“…You really have to let go and give in to the process and I still don’t know if he fully did. He also didn’t know about the show — he didn’t watch — so a part of me was relieved that it was fresh to do it with someone who didn’t know what was coming next, but at the same time for someone who doesn’t know what’s coming he had a hard time embracing it.”

All of this suggests that we could be in for a very different season ahead, and one that may make ABC consider in the future that the best candidates to star on the show may be the ones who already know it inside and out. Then again, Juan Pablo may draw great ratings the rest of the way; he’s already off to a great start, since the premiere drew the best numbers in the past few years.

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Photo: ABC

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