‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 3, episode 9 review: The Reza and Mike confrontation

This has been a really intense season of “Shahs of Sunset” and although we love the fun, drunk, rich people problems that the other seasons brought us, this season delivered on something that we feel the show really needed: A chance for us to dig a little deeper.

We’ve seen the downfall of Reza and Mike’s friendship this season as it went from two best friends working together in real estate to a complete and utter mess. The two have barely spoken since their business venture started to fail, the ugly fight at club Nur and then Mike uninviting Reza (the only gay cast member) from participating in the gay pride parade. Can they get it together and resolve their differences?

First we caught up with GG after her break up from Sean and who is she out on a date with? Shayan, the guy she made out with behind Sean’s back. Is this going to be her next new love? We doubt it since he’s pretty clear that he doesn’t have marriage on the mind. Regardless of that she decides to bring him to Asa’s big Diamond Water launch party in hopes of rubbing how cute he is in MJ’s face. On the other side of the coin MJ has invited GG’s sister Leila as her plus one to the event. MJ’s move completely upsets GG and things go from bad to worse when GG tries to parade Shayan in front of her and MJ starts to take shots at Shayan being only 21 years old.

When Mike shows up to the party he already looks like he’s ready to fight with Reza and that he’s been drinking quite a bit. He’s shouting out rude comments to Reza about his weight and acting a fool, until Reza takes the mic from the DJ and starts cutting up what Mike is wearing in front of everyone. Finally Mike and Reza sit down to “talk” about their situation, but it’s clear that neither of them are ready to hear the other person out at this point and it goes no where. Mike is so mad that he’s grinding his teeth as he speaks and you can see the hurt and anger in his eyes. We’ve never seen Mike like this before and it’s a little scary.

Some of the other stories that were just frivolous fun this week included MJ and her… private videos, Jessica cooking a Persian feast for Mike’s family (if he doesn’t marry this girl then he’s a fool) and Lily finally being part of the main casts story again after either have her own solo stories away from the cast or not being in full episodes at all. Grade: B+

Who are you siding with in the fight between Mike and Reza? Do you think that they will ever be friends again?

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