NBC’s ‘Revolution’ season 2, episode 10 preview: Rachel’s sad reality

If you have missed “Revolution,” then the good news that we have to share with you today is that you’re not going to be waiting too much longer for it’s return! The show is going to be back on the air over on NBC starting on Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, and one of the stories worth watching is the search by Monroe for his son.

Unfortunately, there are going to be some problems with that … with the major one being that there is not going to be anyone out there who will want to help him out. Specifically, Rachel highlights in the sneak peek below that she is being forced to help a man find his son who was responsible for killing her own last year. You can imagine how this would be problematic for her.

What has made this series interesting (but also at times frustrating) is that there are alliances that seem to shift and twist on a weekly basis. For Rachel, the benefit behind helping Monroe is that it keeps her safe and with allies for the time being, but the major disadvantage just comes with all of the emotional baggage that she is going to be forced to deal with in the process. We do feel for her because of that, but we also feel for most of these characters, given that they tend to be almost at a state of war and constantly fearing for their lives.

What do you think is going to happen on “Revolution” moving forward? Share some of your thoughts with a comment below.

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