‘The Bachelor’: Eliminated (and embarrassed) Kylie Lewis cites producer manipulation

Kylie -Who saw the story of “The Bachelor” pulling the strings behind the scenes to manipulate contestants coming? Everyone who loves reality TV probably saw this one coming a million miles away.

Let’s dive right in here with the facts when it comes to eliminated Juan Pablo Galavis suitor Kylie Lewis. She is best known on the show Monday night three things: Tweeting after she met the man after getting out of the limousine, having a decent amount of screen time during the evening cocktail party, and then being very embarrassed when she tried to collect a rose after thinking that her name was called, only for it to be instead Kat.

Now, let’s go through some of the allegations that Lewis fired away at the producers in a new report from TMZ. She claims that producers instructed her to send the tweet about Juan Pablo rather than give him a picture that she had drawn (which was her choice), they had told her to die her hair a deeper shade of red rather than strawberry blonde, and they also had her wear a pink dress rather than a purple one.

Out of the three allegations Lewis mentions here, the tweeting is the most “surprising” one of all … though we have it on good authority that all of these are plotted out to the finest detail. The reason that everything from greetings to clothing is mapped out in advance is because producers want to ensure that they have a number of different notes to hit, and we’re not just saying that to include a pun about a woman entering with a piano. The same goes probably for even hair color; there are so many blondes on this season, red hair could be a way to stand out.

Lewis also stresses that producers went out of their to humiliate her with the whole “thinking that she was getting a rose,” and that is also likely true since they knew it was a great TV moment. While these shows do give you some people to talk to for emotional support generally, it still doesn’t change what is shown on TV.

The ultimate truth of the matter here, though, is that Juan Pablo knows better than anyone that producers set a ton of stuff up; therefore, he probably would have kept Kylie regardless of most of what happened if interested. It’s just unfortunate for her that everything played out the way it did in addition to her elimination.

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Photo: ABC

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