‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: New promo promises Jensen Ackles drama, Abaddon, more

Take a look -Is there a better way to describe the new “Supernatural” promo other than “awesome”? If there is, we definitely want to hear it. This new look into season 9 basically has within it almost everything that we could want from the show, whether you are talking about fires, violence, angels, demons, or returning faces.

Obviously, the most notable familiar face who turns up is Abaddon, who is currently at war with Crowley over who is going to take complete ownership of Hell. This is where, conveniently enough, Dean and Crowley may have a chance to help one another. You see, Jensen Ackles’ character has himself a major issue in that Sam is being possessed by Gadreel, who has no intentions at all of ever giving up that body now that he has an opportunity to work alongside Metatron. Crowley has the ability to potentially take the angel away and give Sam his body back, but he is probably going to want something in return. Who wants to bet that Abaddon is somehow involved in this?

As for another returning face, how about seeing some more of Garth? Clearly, that is the funniest part of the promo, given that the Winchesters make a pretty hilarious distinction between Heaven and the State of Wisconsin. Some consideration has to be given here to The CW for being kind enough to give a pretty sizable chunk of footage in this new promo; they did not just skimp for the sake of keeping something to the imagination, and they have left us with a lot to be excited about.

Personally, we are more than stoked that “Supernatural” is going to return to The CW with new episodes starting on next Tuesday. The wait after watching this promo doesn’t feel all that long now.

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Photo: The CW

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