‘The Walking Dead’ season 4: Don’t expect spin-off to be similar … at all

More news -Even though “The Walking Dead” season 4 may not be over just yet, it’s never too early to start talking about some plans for the future … right?

Beyond this season and probably at some point in 2015, there is going to be a brand-new spin-off that will air on AMC, mostly because there is nothing the network loves more than zombies. If this somehow leads to an aftershow entitled “Talking More Dead,” it will be even more entertaining (and we mean that both seriously and ironically at the same time).

But the one thing that you should know about it right now is that one of the most-popular theories about what this show could be about is already getting squashed. Speaking in a new interview with Channel Guide, effects guru and executive producer Greg Nicotero hints that whatever the show comes up with moving forward is going to feel very much like its own separate world, and will probably not feature anyone from the current show:

“We’re sort of treating the spin-off as a completely separate entity. That was something that was very, very important when the notion of a companion series was even brought up. Many of us, the actors and the executive producers, wanted to make sure that anything we did, we didn’t want it to diminish our story, our storyline, our characters and the momentum that we have. So the intent is that it is going to be its own standalone world.”

We’re still mostly curious about just what the setting for this show could be. While we would love certain aspects of seeing one in a cold-weather climate, we don’t think that the network would bite at something that would force most of the people to be heavily bundled up in clothing all the time. So instead, we’ll settle for something tropical, or in somewhere like California or the desert that at least has a very different sort of landscape to it.

So this is basically the final nail of the coffin for those of you thinking that Carol could run all the way off to another show. Plus, it’s already been confirmed that Melissa McBride is returning later this season.

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Photo: AMC

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