ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 11 review: Does Emily Thorne remember who she is?

Remember when Emily Thorne looked like she had everything together? Well, that was quite a long time ago. What we had on Sunday night’s “Revenge” season 3 episode was a basic case of a classic soap opera trope: Someone goes through a tragic event, and then forgets everything that happened to them. In this case, it was Emily not remembering what transpired at the hands of one Daniel Grayson.

When Daniel first arrived on the scene, it actually looked as though he may have been her ally based on the way in which she was reacting … maybe. It was interesting that her brain was so quick to remember that Daniel was somehow “good,” and yet that Aiden was somehow bad. We started to think that this was all an act, but why would she admit to Charlotte that her father was David Clarke? There’s not exactly a motivation for that.

As for other shockers, apparently Aiden has some cheating ways of its own, Patrick is still somehow on team Victoria for whatever bizarre reason, and Jack seems to be on the same page now as Charlotte. It is interesting that Charlotte hasn’t told anyone about what she learned, and Jack may somehow emerge from all of this as the nice guy. This is the same guy who was completely dumbfounded and about to kill Conrad last year, and now he’s suddenly Emily’s knight in shining armor? It’s a little strange.

This was a very entertaining episode, but we still cannot say that many of the decisions made a ton of sense. The biggest thing to know is that while Lydia may be the person now being targeted by the police, Emily finally remembered in the end who was the person actually responsible for shooting her. She told Jack, and then the screen went black. Grade: B.

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