‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2014: Evander Holyfield reprimanded for anti-gay remarks

Celebrity Big Brother -Somehow, it seems that nobody bothered to inform Evander Holyfield before going on “Celebrity Big Brother” about what happened on the American version of “Big Brother” this past summer. During a conversation with Luisa Zissman about gay boxers, the former boxing champion eventually ends up declaring that homosexuality is a choice that it is something similar to having a disability.

Not long after the comments, Holyfield is scolded by producers for the comments, saying that they are some that will offend a good many people out there. The boxer then defends himself, but does not really offer up that much in the way of a mea culpa.

It is pretty easy to compare this to a number of other situations that have played out in pop culture in recent months. You obviously have the direct connection to Aaryn on “Big Brother 15,” though most of her comments were geared towards race rather than sexuality. Then, you also had Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame with all of the comments that he made that were anti-gay recently. Of course, Holyfield has the right to share whatever beliefs that he wants to within the house, just as everyone else should have the right to, but be prepared for whatever ramifications, good or bad, come your way as a result of the comments that you shared. It will be interesting to see if this story blows up on anywhere near the same level that some of Aaryn’s comments did during “Big Brother” last summer, or what happened with Phil and “Duck Dynasty” over the holidays.

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Photo: Channel 5

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