ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 11 preview: One more ‘Under Fire’ peek

The latest -Are you ready for “Under Fire”? We are assuming so, just because of the sole fact that it has been so long since you saw any new “Castle” episodes on the air. This is the first one in over a month, but it will be luckily the first of many that are going to air consecutively throughout the month of January following “The Bachelor” on ABC.

So why does the new promo below say “Sunday” in it? That is primarily because CTV, who has another commitment to “Hostages,” is airing the show a day earlier than its American counterparts. We’re still not going to have our review up until Monday night (as to not spoil it), but this clip gives you a nice little companion to go along with everything else that you have seen.

The premise for this installment, in case that you haven’t heard, is pretty simple: You are going to see Castle and Beckett investigate a series of arson crimes, with the twist being that eventually, Ryan and Esposito are going to find themselves in a burning building … while Ryan’s child is being born. This couldn’t be a more dramatic way to start the season, but we imagine that you could be pretty emotional watching it. There may be a few little teasers here and there when it comes to Castle and Beckett’s upcoming wedding (if they make it to the altar), but it is going to take a little bit of time for the plans to be set in stone. There are some different priorities that are going to be the focus in the short-term.

What do you think is going to happen throughout this “Castle” episode? Share some of your thoughts below, and click here if you are interested in seeing a specific sneak peek on some of the action.

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Photo: ABC

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