‘The Simpsons’ spoilers: Judd Apatow previews guest spot, talks future episode

The Simpsons -This is going to be quite the big weekend when it comes to Judd Apatow. Not only is the director of “The 40-year Old Virgin,” “Knocked Up,” and the executive producer on “Girls” going to be appearing on one of his favorite shows of all time in “The Simpsons,” but there will also be an episode that he wrote years ago. (More on that soon.)

Before we do anything else, why not talk about how Apatow is coming on the show? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he makes it clear that he will be playing this sort of over-the-top character that gets really involved in the piracy battle, but for reasons that are a little bit different than what you would expect:

“It certainly was a version of me that was very self-involved and deeply concerned about my royalties. [Laughs] I was fighting very hard to prevent piracy and pretending that I was worried about other people, but probably only worried about myself… I give a big speech about how DVD piracy doesn’t just hurt big stars. I say, ‘It’s not just the people who dream for a living but the people who depend on us — the spin class instructors, the personal rabbis, Seth Rogen. I saw a bootleg DVD of The 40-Year-Old Virgin for sale at a car wash — they left off my director’s commentary! It didn’t even have a blooper reel!’… [Executive producer] James Brooks came when I recorded it, which was the treat of all-time, and he was pitching jokes so I was in comedy-nerd heaven.”

Also, Apatow makes it clear that a spec episode he wrote two decades ago is actually also going to be making it onto the air next season, which came about after he had mentioned it in an interview, and executive producer Al Jean saw it and got in touch. For those curious, Sunday’s new episode also features the voices of many other Apatow staples, including Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, and Seth Rogen. Will Arnett and Channing Tatum each also stop by.

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Photo: Fox

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