‘Saturday Night Live’: What’s with this ‘best of the season’ show?

More news -Typically at this time of the week, we like to write up a “Saturday Night Live” re-watch, where we go through all of the highlights and lowlights from a show upon watching it a second time. Maybe this is not always something that everyone wants to see it again, but we are a purist that way. There is a certain amount of integrity of getting the good and the bad, and witnessing a host’s journey from start to finish. It is almost seeing the bad sketches again that makes you appreciate the good more.

A good comparison to that? Buying a regular album vs. a Greatest Hits one. There is no flow to a Greatest Hits disc, even if you are getting good songs. The original is always better, but “SNL” still decided tonight to air a sort of “best of” special that takes you through some of the most memorable sketches that happened over the course of the season.

Thanks to that, there is no traditional “re-watch” special tonight, and we are going to save that for the next time that a full repeat airs (which will hopefully be next week). In case you hadn’t heard, the next new episode will air on Saturday (natch) January 19, and will feature Drake as both the host and the musical guest. This could make for a fun show, since Drake is at least a guy with some experience being in acting dating back to his “Degrassi” days.

What do you think: Do you like the idea of seeing only the good sketches, or do you see yourself more as the grumpy old man / purist? Let us know below, and click here if you want to see some other highlights from the season (which you can see without having to actually watch the special). Also, sign up here if you want to get a whole score of TV updates sent straight to your inbox.

Photo: NBC

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