‘House of Lies’ season 3 video: Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell, and complications

This is turning out to be quite a big week for Kristen Bell, in between the “Veronica Mars” trailer, and also the promotional campaign for the upcoming season of “House of Lies” really getting up and running.

After all, at the moment the wait for new episodes is getting closer and closer to being over. We’re only eight days away! But what sort of problems await Bell’s Jeanie when the story picks back up? Let’s just say that not only is she not with Don Chealde’s Marty in the way in which she probably wants to be, but she has also become a sort of professional rival to him to go along with it. Jeanie has always been pretty great at her job, and now a part of that includes trying to make sure that she can get a leg up in any way possible. If that means occasionally knocking Marty down a notch or two, she is not above doing it. (The new video below proves that.)

While these two may at times be at war, though, it is also fair to say that there is still an element of love sandwiched somewhere in there. These are not two characters that we feel are really going to be able to get away from each other, since there is too much of a history together. Plus, they are at their best when they are sort of exploring some of their feelings and frustrations at the same time. (We actually think that they are one of those rare TV couples that could actually make it work even if they were to get together, mostly because we would never imagine them allowing their romantic feelings for each other to compromise the way that they do business.

Does seeing this make you more excited for the new “House of Lies” season, and do you think this could be the year when Jeanie and Marty get together? Share your thoughts below.

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