‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 spoilers: Is there hope for Leonard and Penny?

The Big Bang Theory -Are you ready to find out what the next move is going to be in the Leonard / Penny relationship? Well, it sounds like we are going to find out pretty soon, as soon as the new episode of “The Big Bang Theory” airing on Thursday night.

This episode, entitled “The Occupation Recalibration,” is specifically going to be about Penny figuring out her next move in life. She will have quit her job after many years at the Cheesecake Factory, and judging from the look at her coffee table, she is spending quite a bit of her unemployment time sitting around and reading gossip magazines. (Shouldn’t she be saving her money here?) More importantly than our judgment of her spending habits, it looks like Leonard and Penny are going to be spending some time together after the proposal that went so terribly awry.

Does this happy picture above mean that the two are going to be staying together? Maybe, but you can’t judge one out-of-context photo to mean much of anything. The more important thing to note is that these two are at least spending time together, and are smiling. They can at least try to move forward, and in retrospect, maybe Penny is not going to be too hard on her man for hesitation to a proposal that she made while both drunk and in an emotional tailspin. If nothing else, at least this does mean that Penny is open to marriage, and if Leonard does decide that he wants to get down on one knee in the future, maybe she will say “yes.”

Also in this episode, Bernadette is going to be a part of some sort of mass comic-book hunt when it comes to Howard. This will in turn lead to the arrival of Josh Peck in a guest starring role, playing the owner of a rival comic book store. You can see a photo of that at the link here.

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Photo: CBS

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