ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: More details on that Nathan Fillion – Stana Katic ‘fame’ story

Castle and Beckett -Out of the episodes of “Castle” season 6 that we have hyped up over the past couple of weeks, there are a few that stand out above all others: The upcoming fire episode airing on Monday that features Ryan becoming a dad, the return of James Brolin as Rick’s father, and also the one that starts to make Beckett question whether or not she can handle being with a celebrity.

We have spent a ton of time talking about this episode earlier in the fall, mostly because the initial indication was for it to be the first one to air after the hiatus. However, “Limelight” was either pushed back a couple of weeks, or it was intentionally filmed out of order in order to accommodate schedules. Either way, its premiere date is now on Monday, January 20, and the short synopsis below (via SpoilerTV) gives you a few details about the mystery at the middle of it:

“When a pop star is found dead in an alley, Beckett and Castle look into her hard-partying lifestyle; a shocking revelation rocks the investigation.”

The comparisons online with this pop star have been to Miley Cyrus, and a star of “The Lying Game” was hired in order to play the part. This to us suggests that there are going to be some sort of flashbacks to what happened with this woman during her final days alive, and what sort of world she may have been mixed up in.

So how does this come back to Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic’s characters? Let’s just say that throughout the episode, something is going to happen to make Kate wonder whether or not she can handle constantly being in the limelight herself, especially since the idea of an author being engaged to the same detective that he used as inspiration for his books, is a pretty juicy tabloid story.

You can see a sneak peek at Monday’s episode here, and we’ll have more on “Limelight” in particular as we get closer to the episode airing. Also, check out our TV newsletter to get clues and scoops on all of your favorite shows, sent to you via email every Sunday.

Photo: ABC

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