‘The Originals’ spoilers: How much more of Klaus’ wolf history will be revealed?

Meet the cast -If there is one thing that both “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” have done a rather great job at over the years, it is setting up and painting the story of how Klaus was one of many who supposedly originated a line of vampires. (That was of course before we knew about Silas.) While that was well-developed, it always felt like the werewolf part of Klaus’ origin story (he is, after all, a hybrid) was always somewhat ignored and abandoned.

Well, the good news that we have to share now is that it looks as though this is going to get a great deal more love and attention given to this backstory. As executive producer Michael Narducci tells TVLine in a new interview, we are getting set now to see much more of the wolf story after Klaus discovered that so many of those who he was previously trying to kill are actually some that are tied to him in some way:

 “We have just really scratched the surface of what the werewolf population means and what they will do. We’ve got some new characters planned for the not-too-distant future.”

Obviously, the survival of the werewolf population is great news for both Hayley and his unborn child, at least in that there are some more possible protectors for them out there. We have to imagine that when your father is Klaus, an undead guy known for murdering countless people, you have to imagine that there are going to be some people ready to hunt you down. (On a different note, some recent reports suggested that there could be some hard times ahead when it comes to Elijah and Hayley thanks to a secret that one was keeping from the other.)

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Photo: The CW

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