ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: Is Victoria empowered by Emily revelations?

Victoria -There were many good things about the first half of “Revenge” season 3, but if there was a glaring problem that looked us in the eye time and time again, it was that the show seemed to suffer from a disease otherwise known as Repetition-Itis. Emily Thorne would have a plan, Victoria Grayson would then throw a little bit of shade all over it, and the two would go back and forth for a little bit. Eventually, at least part of the plan would turn out well, but not all of it. There still needed to be something for the characters for really look forward to moving forward.

So what can we expect the rest of the way, now that Victoria knows that there is something off about Emily VanCamp’s character? This is something that executive producer Sunil Nayar touched on in a new interview with TVLine, as it could really be the impetus for the story the rest of the season:

“[She] at least knows that this woman is not on the level and that some of her suspicions are actually correct, which gives Victoria a great engine going into the second half of the season. She now has the power in the relationship.” 

But how much power will this really equate to? The truth here is that Emily has shown that she has a knack for getting herself out of tight situations, and it is pretty likely that she will succeed in doing so yet again … in time. For now, her biggest hurdle is going to be just remembering who she is while suffering from a bout of amnesia.

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Photo: AbC

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