‘Bates Motel’ season 2 spoilers: First photo, details of Norma’s new love interest

Bates Motel -Bates Motel” may be a creepy and at times deadly show, but there are going to still be some occasional glimmers of hope and happiness that find their way into the picture. For example, Norma Bates is going to be getting a love interest!

“Alias” alum Michael Vartan is going to be stopping by the A&E smash this year as George, a recently-divorced man who will be coming into Norma’s life at a time when she does need a little bit of happiness. The two are going to hit it off, but that does not mean (as you would expect with this show) that we are looking at a perfect situation that is going to last for the rest of the season.

Speaking about his appearance to TV Guide (who were the first publication to post the attached photo), Vartan had the following to say about the new relationship, and about how the two parties cross paths to begin with:

“She’s finally finding some stability with a partner after a pretty bad track record. Hopefully she won’t mess it up … He is immediately taken by Norma [after meeting her at his sister’s party] and is very intrigued by how mysterious she is. We go on a double date with the sister and her husband, and Norma struggles to fit in.” 

From here, Vartan admitted that the nature of this show is one that made him ask a very expected question about what sort of character his would be on the show:

“Before I accepted the job, I asked the producers, ‘Be honest with me. He’s going to turn out to be a complete psycho, right?’ And they said, ‘Sorry. He’s just a really nice guy with no weird skeletons in his closet.'”

Speaking of complete psychos, the better question here is how Norman Bates is going to accept him. He is the guy that we really should be worried about, especially since he has quite the track record already of doing some pretty terrible things. (Just look at what happened during the finale.)

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Photo: A&E

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