‘Dancing with the Stars’ 18 rumors: Could Kelly Brook really cross over from ‘Strictly Come Dancing’?

Here's the cast -In the United Kingdom, there is a pretty common tradition when it comes to the way in which their press tends to operate: They assume often that we are way more familiar and passionate with some of their celebrities than we actually are. They do this all the time with various celebrities related to “The X Factor,” but it now seems like they are also crossing over here with “Strictly Come Dancing” and the American counterpart “Dancing with the Stars.”

According to a report from the Daily Mirror, for example, actress / model Kelly Brook is being considered for the American version of the show this March. She has dated a number of famous people including Jason Statham, and what may be more important here is that she has a friendship with Derek Hough that goes back to when he teamed up with opera singer Katherine Jenkins a couple of years ago.

Could this really happen? The biggest problem that we actually see with it is that Kelly has actually danced on “Strictly Come Dancing” before. Not only that, but she actually made it pretty far in the competition! The only reason that she and Brendan Coyle left with the competition was because she had to withdraw following a family tragedy. This is certainly worthy of getting another chance at some point if she really wanted it, but it seems like a better fit for the British show someday. While “Dancing with the Stars” has brought back folks in the past (see: Romeo) who were injured during rehearsals for a past season, there’s a difference between that and actually making it onto the show.

The ultimate reason not to believe anything for the time being is simply due to the fact that the show is still in the very early phases of casting. We won’t know with 100% accuracy who is on until February at the earliest, and the rehearsals are still several weeks away.

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Photo: ABC

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