‘Downton Abbey’ season 4: Michelle Dockery talks tone, surge into 1920s

Take a look -Here is something that we have not had at CarterMatt for a little while now: A “Downton Abbey” article that is actually safe for audiences around the world to read! It’s spoiler-free, and rather than really even talking about individual story points, the majority of the focus here is instead on the show’s tone and how moving forward into the 1920s helps to really liven things up after a handful of episodes that can in some ways be described as depressing.

Speaking to TVLine about the changes between this season, which has brought in some younger the additions to the cast like Rose full-time and also the children, Michelle Dockery promised that there are some moments that you will laugh at; but  at the same time, there are also times that will make you drift somewhat into melancholy:

“There are still ups and downs. That’s the appeal of the show – these unexpected twists and turns for characters. One minute, you’re laughing. The next minute, you’re crying. It’s very rich with story. There is certainly an energy about the fourth [season]. It feels like a burst of energy midway through the fourth [season]. It feels very much like you’re in the heart of the ’20s, the roar of the ’20s. And the costumes are evolved even more. They’re very, very ’20s. The flappers are coming in. The dances have changed. They’re faster dances. It breathes that whole era.”

The first episode back for the show in America, which airs on PBS Sunday night, almost captures all of this within the span of its run time. There will be times that you feel for Mary when you consider all that she has went through with Matthew, but you will also remember that there are times that you will want to laugh and celebrate some of what is going on with some of the other characters.

Rather than presenting traditional reviews for most of these episodes’ American airings, we’ll instead by taking on discussions points. You can read some more “Downton Abbey” news at the link here, though we do have to caution that there are spoilers ahead.

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Photo: ITV

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