NBC’s ‘Revolution’ season 2 spoilers: Miles and Monroe, unlikely allies?

The latest -While there are many disadvantages to “Revolution” not getting that prime timeslot after “The Voice” this year, one advantage for some of you extremely-impatient types is that you are not forced to wait for an extremely long time for there to be new episodes. It’s no longer dependent on any other schedule other than the one that it wants to create.

You can see some scoop on some of the first episodes back for the show after the hiatus here, but on this occasion, we are talking about one that will be airing a little later in the month. What are some of the details worth knowing?

The first thing to know here that is that according to SpoilerTV, the title for the episode at the center of discussion here (the 12th of the season) is “Captain Trips.” What is interesting here is that it does not keep up the theme of Spanish-language titles, and instead goes for what could be a reference to the Stephen King novel The Stand.

As for what you can expect to take place here, one interesting development from this standpoint is that we are going to have an opportunity to see two fairly unlikely allies try to team up together with a common goal. Just take a look at the full synopsis below:

“Charlie and Rachel feel compelled to assist when Gene decides to help the town of Willoughby; Monroe and Miles try to survive by working together.”

What all of this suggests is that there is going to be a common foe, and it is going to be pretty darn terrible in order for it to be such a unifier. After all of this passes, then you may as well just expect things to go back to the violent, chaotic status quo.

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Photo: NBC

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