‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ 2014: Miley Cyrus performs ‘Wrecking Ball,’ serenades little person

“New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” had a number of great surprises in store for us tonight, but they shared what could have been one of the most noteworthy performances of the entire broadcast: Miley Cyrus. Ryan Seacrest hyped up the entire performance as being something that was going to be shocking, even though Miley said that standards and practices were going to keep things somewhat family-friendly in comparison to what she did at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this year.

All in all, her performances did teeter somewhat on the safer side from her standard, as the most unusual moment for her came when she tried to serenade a little person while performing “Get It Right.” It was somewhat surprising that she chose this song over “We Can’t Stop,” which was easily one of her biggest hits of the year.

Miley did perform one of her bigger hits in “Wrecking Ball,” which was mostly strange because of the bizarre cutaway shots of Jenny McCarthy trying to pull a Miley and lick a hammer.

One thing that we will give Miley a ton of credit for, antics aside, is that she did a ton of real singing during this performance from start to finish. There was a little echo on her microphone, but it had to be hard to sing live and on-pitch in below-freezing temperatures in New York City, let alone right before midnight. It’s for these reasons that she was one of the better performers of the night, and someone whose talent is probably overshadowed a little too much by some of the insane things that she does. This has been a huge year for a woman once known for “Hannah Montana,” who has made countless headlines and started all sorts of unusual movements.

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