‘The Following’ season 2 spoilers: More details on intense premiere

Are you ready to see more of “The Following”? We certainly understand, given that it has been quite a long time since Ryan Hardy’s adventures were last documented on TV. The Fox series will return on February 19 following the NFL Championship Game, where it will more than likely get a nice little ratings boost in the process.

But just how quickly is the story going to take off? Think within the span of the first episode, judging on what we are hearing now courtesy of a Fox press release. The first episode back is fittingly titled “Resurrection” (given what is happening to Joe Carroll), and the official synopsis below teases that there is going to be a different sort of threat that emerges on the anniversary of when the man was supposedly killed off:

“One year after Ryan Hardy’s pursuit of serial killer Joe Carroll, a healthy and healed Ryan is living in New York City. On the surface, it appears Ryan’s gotten his life back together. But deep down, his obsession with Joe continues to grow. Then, on the anniversary of Joe’s death, a new murderous rampage leaves everyone shocked and determined to discover the truth.”

So why would the happy version of Kevin Bacon’s character continue to drive himself up the wall? The simplest reason for that is because he never saw Joe’s body. Would he really be crazy enough to be completely fooled by dental records? It’s doubtful. It’s almost one of those iconic “it’s quiet … too quiet” moments from a classic Western, where you are sitting around and waiting for the next terrible / traumatizing moment to happen. By the end of this episode, we will at least start to get an idea as to what Joe’s plan is, along with potentially how some of the other people who once followed him are coping with their own new circumstances.

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