‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: Enter ‘The Katana #99’

The latest -The Blacklist” is going to be returning to NBC in just a matter of weeks with a few new episodes, and with that in mind, why not share a little information about one of the episodes coming up? While this may be just a tiny bit of scoop, the episode title itself may be enough to get some people out there excited.

In a new post on Twitter, Joe Carnahan (who directed the pilot and has also written episodes of the show) confirmed that the upcoming 13th installment of the year, penned by him of course, is going to carry with it the title of “The Katana #99.” First of all, we would be completely remiss were we didn’t mention that this sounds completely awesome, almost something straight out a samurai spy movie.

As for the actual meaning of it, it’s really not that hard to figure out when you look at all of the titles that the show has produced so far. This is almost without a doubt an episode about some sort of blacklister that is labeled “The Katana,” and has that number attached to their name. It is still not entirely clear why Reddington assigns specific numbers or what sort of formula he used to come up with them, but this probably is a “whatever works for him” sort of situation. This title does at least suggest that we are going to be getting back to the core of the show soon enough, as there have been a few little diversions here and there from the actual blacklist, where we ended up seeing Reddington face some old foes such as Anslo Garrick. In the first episode back, he is going to be the guy that some members of the FBI are going to be hunting down.

What do you want to see from this episode, and do you like the title? Let us know some of your thoughts below, and be sure to also click here if you want to read our own list … or at least one that is actually an email newsletter.

Photo: NBC

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