‘Arrow’ season 2 video: Another look at a Stephen Amell fight sequence

Who doesn’t love more behind-the-scenes “Arrow” videos? If only most of the shows on TV put forth the effort that this CW hit did, we really wouldn’t be missing so many of our favorite shows. This hiatus has been at times exhausting, thanks mostly to both the lack of new programs and also the lack of really any effort to promote these new programs. This is just one of the reasons that we are so excited for everything to come back on the air pretty soon.

For “Arrow” that date is Wednesday, January 15, but in this video below we are going back to episode 5 with stunt mastermind James Bamford, and focusing on the battle between Al-Owal, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Sara Lance (Caity Lotz). This was one of the cooler fights of the season, just from the standpoint of watching people battle it out within the tight confines of Oliver’s mansion. Almost anything and everything could be used as a weapon, and there were also so many different glorious opportunities to break stuff based entirely on the surroundings.

But are we going to see some more appearances and fights soon from the Canary? While we haven’t seen present-day Sara in a few episodes now, we’re still counting on it. She is far too valuable to the story at this point to lose, especially since she still has the League of Assassins hunting her down. Unfortunately, this is the downside of her present predicament, as any wrong move could lead to her death, and there is probably no one on the show right now at greater risk than her. We’d say that Oliver is in theory, but go back and look at the title of the show. They’re not going to suddenly go and kill off the hero.

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