‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contender Maggie Gantt

Is Maggie Gantt the new Kacie Boguskie or Emily Maynard? While we cannot say whether or not she gets as far as either one of them did (as this is a no-spoiler zone) on “The Bachelor” this season, she does seem to be in that same sort of “Southern / Christian” mold as the other two famous contestants. She loves Jesus, she loves fishing, and going out for the show is the first time that she has ever been on an airplane. This sounds like the sort of contestant who could win America over, but Juan Pablo Galavis is a very different story.

One major thing to consider anytime you have contestants who are so clearly defined going into this is that a Bachelor will either be interested right away, or simply choose to send them packing. There is no real middle ground for someone like Maggie.

Possible pros – She sounds very traditional, and there are obvious benefits to that in that she will be extremely loyal, supportive, and there for you so long as you can make the relationship work. She also loves being outdoors and adventures, which puts her on the same wavelength as Juan Pablo. She may also be so different from our leading man that there is some sort of “opposites attract” energy that comes out of this.

Possible cons – Not much has really been made about Juan Pablo’s religious beliefs, but even if he is Christian, he does not really seem to be nearly as overt about it as Maggie. This could be a situation similar to Ben Flajnik and Kacie, where he isn’t interested in the lifestyle that her family expects. Also, Juan Pablo does like to travel extensively, and she has pretty much no history of doing so. We’re not even that sure that she would want to move away from her home; even if she does, she may not be happy on the other side.

Pre-show outlook – We don’t see this being a good experiment for Maggie on the show. If he did not already have a daughter, he may be more willing to give her a shot; but, it’s hard to really take a chance on someone so different from yourself when you’ve got another person that you have to care for. The two are probably just looking for different things, and we personally feel like she may have gone on the show just for the sake of giving herself a great life experience just as much as a hope to be with Juan Pablo. She’ll be gone early.

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