‘Girls’ season 3: Lena Dunham discusses basic goals for upcoming episodes

In just under two weeks now on January 12, HBO is going to be airing the new season of “Girls,” a show that certainly has a passionate following out there already. Lena Dunham has put a ton of effort into trying to ensure that there are stories to tell here that are interesting, and at times even inquisitive to the viewer. That is one of the things that we particularly enjoyed about season 2; it was funny, but it was also something that made you question your own life. (That’s probably one of the reasons why people some hated it.)

Speaking in an interview with Salon, Dunham mapped out a few of the different points that she wanted to hit when it comes to the individual characters, which is good news for those worried that the show was simply going to respond to some of the season 2 criticism by just forcing all of the main characters together all the time and making it into “Sex and the City” 2.0 once again:

“We had a few goals for Season 3. One was to push each of the character’s back-stories and histories further and to better understand why they’re facing what they’re facing … I wanted to talk about that moment when the messiness goes from feeling age-appropriate to ‘Is this a problem?’

“… I also wanted this season to have more alone time with each character … Also, for Hannah I really wanted it to be about why she wants to be a writer and what it means to her, to make it less about her relationship to any particular guy and about how she is defining herself.”

Most of this sounds great, but we do worry about seeing another Adam breakup right away and we personally hope that this does not happen. Haven’t we already seen her sad enough for a while? We’d rather want to see her keep the man (creepy as he is) as a part of her world, but still also do some exploring and discovery along the way.

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