‘New Girl’ season 3: Damon Wayans Jr.’s Coach added to the latest promotional poster

New Girl Poster -Want some more evidence that “New Girl” is clearly taking one of their new additions seriously? Then know this: Coach has been added to the newest poster promoting season 3 of the comedy. Damon Wayans Jr. may currently being billed as a “special guest star” for the series, but in this poster (first posted by TVLine), you may as well consider him to be a series regular.

The benefit behind keeping Coach around for at least the rest of the season is that it does allow for a chance to explore more of the group dynamic, since he brings out something different in Winston, Nick, and Schmidt. Meanwhile, he went out briefly with Cece, and we guess we would consider he and Jess to be friends.

One thing that is somewhat interesting about this poster? That despite being considered by some to be one of the cooler guys on the show, Coach really comes across as the geekiest one of the bunch here, at least in that he is really trying to rock a jumpsuit that feels completely out of the Sue Sylvester collection. We wish that we could say that we were a huge fan of it, but … no. We’re just not. We are a big fan of Wayans from “Happy Endings,” and we hope that there are some more natural ways to include him in the story moving forward. We didn’t really dig the whole hook-up with Cece, mostly because it felt a little too much like an attempt to give the characters something to do more than something that came organically out of the experiences that the two shared together. That’s one of the many things that we touched on recently in our Midseason Report Card article, which you can read here.

What do you want to see with Coach and the rest of the “New Girl” gang the rest of this season? Share below! As for Wayans’ future on the series, much of it is going to depend on some other projects that he has in the works, and whether or not anything comes of those. If for whatever reason nothing else launches, it is always possible that he could stay here for quite a while longer.

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Photo: Fox

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