President Obama apparently fan of ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘House of Cards’

The latest -We’re sure that this article will be met immediately with all sorts of comments about how the President should be doing other things other than watching TV, but politics aside, what else would there be for a President to do in their spare time other than watch TV? Think about it for a second. You are one of the most famous people in the entire world, and it’s not like you can go out to dinner or to a movie without a huge Secret Service ordeal. We’re sure more people would complain if he did that and consumed resources. TV is something that you can do while you’re at home, relaxing, and without too much of an inconvenience on anyone else. Plus, it’s impossible to work all of the time.

According to a new report from the New York Times, President Barack Obama has admitted that some of his own personal favorite shows at the moment are “Game of Thrones” and “House of Cards,” and he is also currently working his way through the entire series of “Breaking Bad” (and hilariously telling people not to spoil it for him). He also recently told a joke to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings where he said that he wished things were as “efficient” for him has they are for Frank Underwood on “House of Cards.”

In the past, Obama has admitted to being a diehard devotee of “Homeland” and “The Wire,” and all of this really begs the important question: What in the world does the Commander-in-Chief watch when he wants to have a good time? He doesn’t have any comedies at all on his list, and that’s a shame since if there is a guy out there who probably needs a laugh or two right now, it’s him. (Wouldn’t it be pretty funny if “Veep,” another Presidential show, turned out to be a favorite on the same level as “House of Cards”?)

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Photo: Netflix

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