‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Lauren Solomon

It’s only been a few hours since we took a look at a contestant on “The Bachelor” named Lauren, but how about we spend a few minutes talking about another? This time around, we are focusing on a woman in Lauren Solomon who has a better shot of winning this competition … though we say this while also counter-intuitively saying that she could also be eliminated before her.

As you are going to see, we feel like there could be a better romantic connection with this Lauren, but when it comes to her personality, it is probably going to be something that either Juan Pablo Galavis is into, or decides that he is not going to mesh with very early. There won’t be much middle ground. (As per usual, there are not any spoilers ahead. Read on with confidence.)

Possible pros – For one, Lauren’s job is a great ice-breaker for the first night, and there’s a good chance that she is going to incorporate this somehow into her entrance on the very first night of the show.  She reminds us a little of The Mother from “How I Met Your Mother” in that she has a sort of quirky vibe about her. She also wants kids, is adventurous, and has a sense of humor. Personality-wise, there could be some common ground here … or at least enough to form a connection.

Possible cons – You dig a little deeper, and this is where some of the red flags are. She’s got a history of appearing on game shows (which could just suggest that she really just likes being on TV), and she only recently got out of a long-term relationship, which was not that far away from becoming a marriage. That’s one thing that the two Laurens have in common. Is she really ready for this experience? It’s going to be harder for her than it is for some of the others who may be a little bit more removed from their past relationships.

Pre-show outlook – All in all, Lauren’s either going to go pretty far and not win, or be out early and not win. We think she will be treated as a serious contender, but we think that Juan Pablo is the sort of guy who is going to pick someone who is a much more predictable choice: Someone who is a model / actress / club promoter type who he can take with him on the road everywhere.

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