2014 TV preview: New Year’s resolutions for ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ ‘Scandal,’ other dramas

Mad Men -In our mind, 2013 has been a banner year for TV. You’ve had the end of “Breaking Bad,” the resurgence of “The Good Wife,” “Doctor Who” celebrating 50 years, “Grey’s Anatomy” celebrating 200 episodes, and so much more. These programs have set the bar high … really high … for 2014.

So what sort of New Year’s Resolutions would we give to some of these shows? That’s what we are hoping to figure out today, as we take a look at ten of the top dramas and what they can do to stay just as awesome as they have been in the past. As a part of our 2014 TV preview series, we’re also going to have a new article tomorrow and on New Year’s Eve focusing on resolutions for comedy and reality shows.

“The Blacklist” – To continue to give us compelling serialized stuff, just like we saw during the final few episodes of the fall season. Also, to keep that level of intensity just as high as it was at that time.

“Doctor Who” – To have the patience to allow Peter Capaldi to be the sort of Doctor that he wants to be, and not just give in to fan pressures or freakouts from the internet.

“Game of Thrones” – To just concern yourself with great storytelling and performances, and not worry about shocking audiences on the same level as you did with the Red Wedding.

“Homeland” – To resist temptation, and not hook Carrie Mathison up with anyone for a while. Allow her to stand on her own for a while longer.

“Justified” – To use Dale Crowe Jr. in a way that reminds us of season 2, and just how great that collection of episodes was.

“Mad Men” – To not feel rushed to give Don Draper another advertising gig anytime soon. Let him actually take some time to show his kids that he can be someone different.

“The Mentalist” – To give answers. Even if you are not going to hook up Jane and Lisbon, just let us know one way or the other soon. That way, we at least know whether or not to be excited.

“Scandal” – To allow Olivia Pope at least enough of a win to be happy … even if it is just for an episode or two. We don’t know how she even still stands upright with all of the stress she has.

“Sons of Anarchy” – To continue to focus on the story of Juice. At this point, Theo Rossi’s character has been built up to such an incredible level that he is just as compelling as Jax.

“The Walking Dead” – To allow there to be a consistent sort of villain, and one that we can see build up rather than appear, disappear, appear again, and then be killed off.

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Photo: NBC

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