‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Lauren Higginson

Can you believe that the long wait for “The Bachelor” premiere is almost over? In just one week, the show’s two-night premiere is going to start with a special that is all about introducing us to some of the women that Juan Pablo Galavis is going to be trying to woo over the course of his season.

Will Lauren Higginson be one of the ladies that ends up getting some time in the spotlight? It would not really surprise us, given that she has one of the more colorful backstories online. She works a variety of jobs, has a Southern upbringing in Oklahoma, and is entering this competition not long after ending a serious relationship. That can often lead to a number of things, with drama being pretty high up on the list.

Possible pros – She has a big personality for one, and that can be a major asset going into a show with over two dozen other women. She’s going to be someone who probably makes some friends in the house, brings a different dimension to the show, and could be interesting to Juan Pablo in that she has a life that is so different from his. Given that she has done a little bit of modeling, there is also going to be some sort of common ground there, as well.

Possible cons – The biggest two for us are that going into this show not long after a relationship can be troubling … especially when it is so emotional as it is. Lauren has to be high on the list of early meltdown contenders since this could all be really overwhelming. Also, we see her as someone who could very easily land in the friend zone, since she could have such open, honest conversations with Juan Pablo that she forgets about romance. (Also, she seems to have her heart set hilariously more on Coldplay’s Chris Martin in her biography online.)

Pre-show outlook – We hope that Lauren stays around for a while, there is potential here for her to be one of the bigger personalities of the season; but in reality, we see her potential here lasting only about two or three weeks. We just don’t think that there is really going to be much in the way of a romantic connection here.

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