‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Lacy Faddoul

Lucy Faddoul -The Bachelor” brings in contestants from all walks of life, and outside of the drama, the tears, and the occasional glimmers of actual romance taking place, that is what makes it so interesting.

One example of that? Earlier this week, we profiled a contestant for this season whose occupation was listed as a “Dog Owner.” Today, we are talking about a woman who has the difficult task of trying to run a nursing home. Lacy Faddoul couldn’t be more different than some of the other women on this show, and that could make her stand out. This could be a great thing, but this could also be something that gets her in trouble early. (Don’t worry; there are no spoilers ahead!)


Possible pros – The good thing about Lacy based on what we are reading about her online is that she seems to be pretty driven, down-to-earth, and also knows how to care for other people. She grew up in a huge household, and a number of her siblings were mentally handicapped. She credits her parents for having “hearts of gold” who are so loving and patient. She is one of the women that we hope gets some air time early on, that way we get to hear more of her story in case she is eliminated early.

Possible cons – The biggest one to us may be that she simply has a different lifestyle than Juan Pablo. We get the sense from him that he loves to travel, see the world, and works quite a bit on the go. It’s exciting, but also a very specific way of living. Lacy would have to give up a lot to live by these specifications, and it may take some sort of compromise for the two to work out. They also have very different life experiences, including that she grew up in what is a pretty small California town in the Antelope Valley.

Pre-show outlook – We don’t see Lacy lasting a long time, and it is largely because of compatibility issues. We feel like Juan Pablo is going to be more interested in someone who can keep up with his lifestyle, and she may have too much happening on her own. That’s not a bad thing; it’s just the luck of the draw when it comes to who was picked as the lead this season.

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Photo: ABC

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