‘Arrow’ season 2 video: Watch someone take an arrow in the knee in new featurette

First of all, bonus points to you if you get the reference in the title … but we’re not just pulling this straight out of nowhere. In a moment that we have been waiting for on “Arrow” almost since the very beginning, someone on the show actually does take on a role of a “Skyrim” guard in the video below and takes an arrow in the knee.

The video, the latest in a series of stunt featurettes placed online to help get us through this lengthy holiday hiatus, shows off the preparation that went into the epic fight sequence earlier this season between Arrow, the Canary, and also the Mayor. There were a number of different little components that went into this in order to make it truly exciting, whether you are talking about the constant action, the switch of the weapons, the aforementioned knee injury, and also a rocket getting blown up in the air. All very good stuff indeed.

It’s also in watching this video that we are reminded that we need more of the Canary on the show, especially since it has been a while since we’ve had a chance to see much of Sara Lance in present-day Starling City the past few episodes. After protecting her father and forcing him to keep the secret of her being alive from Laurel, she disappeared from the city. But is she really going to be gone forever? We have a hard time thinking so, given that Caity Lotz is still appearing in flashbacks, and so long as there are people out there who want her dead, we cannot imagine Sara ever really disappearing from the spotlight. The only question that remains is how she is going to manage to stay alive long enough to keep them from coming back for her again and again.

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