‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 14 video: Could someone else know the ‘A’ secret?

Who's in the Box -After waiting and waiting ever since the Halloween special of “Pretty Little Liars” first aired on ABC Family, we are now getting an opportunity to find out an answer to what is a very important question: Is it possible that someone else knows that Alison DiLaurentis is actually alive?

When it comes to some of the other characters outside of the primary four, it seems unlikely with most of them. Alison’s mother appears to be utterly clueless, and either Mona has something else up her sleeve, or she was equally oblivious much of the time.

But what about Jason? The interesting thing about him is that he does have a certain amount of mystery always around him, and he is someone more than capable of keeping a secret. So while the Liars are in a mortuary (one of the creepiest places possible) in a sneak peek from the January 7 return “Who’s in the Box?”, they choose to ask that question. If he knows something, he may be able to help them out substantially. However, at the same time if he doesn’t know anything, it is another person who ends up finding out about the secret at a time in which the fewer people that know, the better. If it is public knowledge that Ali is alive, then more and more of what the Liars have been up to becomes public knowledge.

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Photo: ABC Family

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