‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 spoilers: A guide to some upcoming episode titles

What is coming up on “Teen Wolf”? While some of the larger details about season 3B, save for that it features more Asian mythology and could give Scott a new love interest, are being kept under wraps, we can at least give you a little bit more scoop now courtesy of the first three episode titles starting with the winter premiere on Monday, January 6. (It’s only a little over a week away!)

The first episode back is 3×13, and it has the title attached to it of “Anchors.” That’s not something that is particularly revealing and the sad part about this show sometimes is that its titles are vague, and they don’t really make much sense at all until you actually see the hour air. Even then, it is only occasionally that everything starts to make a little bit of sense.

According to SpoilerTV, episode 3×14 has the name attached to it of “Take This Down” … which to us sounds a little bit more like something that a cranky old teacher would say to a student who has some sort of cheeky and potentially-offensive picture on his locker. We’re sure that the real meaning here is probably a significantly darker one than this.

Finally, we turn to episode 3×15, which carries with it the name “Galvanize.” That’s a great title for almost any show in that it signifies action, but if you name an episode “Galvanize,” then you better be prepared at the end to be able to actually back it up. Otherwise, you are doing very little other than creating flair with little substance.

This second half of the season will again be 12 episodes, and it will run straight through the better part of March. The good news here is that following this, you’re not going to have to wait for too much longer to see more “Teen Wolf.” Given that this show works best in the summer, we imagine that season 4 will be firmly camped within the months from June to August.

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