‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contender Kelly Travis

Kelly -While we are sure that there are many layers to who Kelly Travis the person is, we find one thing about her official “Bachelor” biography posted by ABC to be very distracting: That she lists her occupation as “Dog Lover.” What sort of job is that? We love dogs as much as anyone, but our love of them has never turned into money.

It’s hard to really get much of a sense about Kelly at all based on some of the information that is out there, but unlike some recent contestants that we’ve discussed here, we really don’t think that it’s looking too good for this Georgia resident.

Kelly -Possible pros – She at least seems to like adventure, and she lists “The Bachelor” as her favorite show. Could this be kissing up to the fans? Sure, but it could be helpful for her to have an understanding already when it comes to what this show is really about.

Possible cons – The biggest one that Kelly is going to face is actually being vulnerable, since her entire biography, for someone who claims to be a massive fan, feels like she rushed through it in a few minutes without any serious thought. You can see some of that just in the image above. It feels like she’s not really that willing to open up about herself, and that’s the little things to help the public get to know you. How are you going to function when it actually comes to the show? We just don’t get anything out of her personality that feels like she is going to mesh well with Juan Pablo at all. She does have a much larger personality on social media, but we don’t really see her sense of humor meshing well with his.

Pre-show outlook – Maybe she makes it past the first night, but we cannot see Kelly lasting too long unless she puts way more effort into being interesting on the show. Her most interesting feature right now is a job that’s not really a job.

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Photo: ABC

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