‘Nikita’ series finale: What is your take?

Friday marked the end for “Nikita” on The CW after four seasons, and the question that we are left with is pretty simple: Was this the ending that you wanted?

Obviously, the first issue that must be addressed here is that death did play a role in the episode. Specifically, we saw an end to the character of Ryan after spending so much time with him on the show. Given the sort of mission that Nikita had assembled for herself here in this episode, it to us felt fairly obvious that there was going to be at least one body that fell.

But then, the rest of the story from here progressed more towards a happy ending, which was not something that we necessarily felt for sure was going to be in the cards for Nikita when you consider the full extent of the character’s journey. While we know that there was a hope from the fans that she would end up with Michael, who knew for sure that this was going to really happen? Had this been the finale for season 3, we’re not sure that we would have really bought her being able to go have some sort of normal life now; but thanks to the finale, it feels like her mission is done in a sense, and she can move forward. Meanwhile, Birkhoff and Alex also had their own separate endings that felt appropriate, and allowed them to focus more on personal connections rather than violence and a continued career in the world that they have come to know.

This may have been the ending that many fans wanted, but was it the ending that really was right for the series? That is something we believe will be debated for a little while, mostly because even the most diehard fan who says that they want a happy ending will still find a way to complain. Series finales are tricky that way. Grade: B

Ultimately, we want to turn this over to you: Did the “Nikita” finale deliver on everything that you were hoping? Let us know some of your thoughts below.

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