‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ spoilers: Details on ‘The Office’ alum Craig Robinson’s appearance

Brooklyn Nine-Nine -You came to know him courtesy of Darryl on NBC’s “The Office,” but on the new episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” airing on January 7, Craig Robinson will be playing a very different sort of role: A guy who may be able to help Jake Peralta solve one of the cases that has caused him to nearly go a little crazy over the past several years.

This episode is called “The Pontiac Bandit,” and rather that try to explain the meaning of this, we figure it better to let the synopsis below clue you in:

“Jake is interested in one of Rosa’s perps, Doug Judy (Guest Star Craig Robinson, “The Office”), who has information about the ‘Pontiac Bandit,’ a car thief whom Jake has been tracking for years. Meanwhile, the station tries to accommodate a scooter-bound Charles’ every need when he returns to work, but he proves to be too much to handle. And Captain Holt struggles to find a home for two puppies.”

If there is any proof that Jake has been working on this case far too long already, just look at the current state of Pontiac. We cannot figure out just who out there is really going to be that interested in really stealing them anymore, but to each his own.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” at least to us feels like it is entering the second part of its season with a little more momentum than it had during the first. The Golden Globes gave it recognition with a Comedy Series nomination, and it also will be airing in a block alongside “New Girl” after the Super Bowl. Personally, we’d put it directly after the big game since you have an NFL tie-in here with Terry Crews, but that’s just our take along with the feeling that this is a hotter show right now than “New Girl.”

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Photo: Fox

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