‘Sherlock’ season 3 video: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman speak out in DVD trailer

Sherlock -Here is one of the many intriguing things about the way in which British networks operate these days: They really do not waste much time at all between airing a show on TV, and then releasing the DVD for it. They understand that it makes some sense to actually get a show out there for people to buy at a time when they remember that the show was on, and they want to buy it.

Based on what Amazon tells us, for example, “Sherlock” season 3 is going to be available for sale come February 11. That is not much time at all following the completion of the series in America, and still only around a month after the show wraps things up in the United Kingdom. That’s quite the quick turnaround time!

Also, the video from the site teases some more about what is going to be coming up, at least in the sense of seeing the show’s new villain (played by Lars Mikkelsen), having Watson realize that Sherlock is still alive, and even a brief sighting of Watson’s upcoming wedding. Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, and even show boss Steven Moffat are all present to talk about the series, and to hype up in some way why you should shell out money to buy it on DVD. How is this for a reason: The show is awesome. Even though we have yet to see the third season, there is no reason at all to doubt that this will be anything short of excellent. Just look at the resume that is here already, and the commitment to quality that Moffat has shown with both this series and “Doctor Who.”

The series returns on January 1 in Britain, and not too long after that in America on January 19. No matter what side of the Atlantic we are on, we’re going to have more scoop every step of the way. Before you do anything else, though, we suggest just watching the video at the link here. It serves as a nice little prequel. Also, sign up for our official newsletter if you want to view some more clues regarding this and some other shows.

Photo: BBC, video via SpoilerTV

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