‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Elise Mosca

Here is the interesting thing about some of the biographies for “The Bachelor” contestants posted by ABC: Just like the show, they can at times point you in one direction. However, in the end there may be way more there than meets the eye.

This is the sort of feeling that we are getting about Elise Mosca. She is a woman who upon first glance, we felt was going to completely cave in under the bizarre pressures of this competition. But upon further research away from ABC and the information they’ve handed out about Juan Pablo Galavis’ 27 contestants, we’ve now realized that she could be much more of a contender.

Possible pros – Just based on the fact that she is a first-grade teacher, you have to imagine that Elise is going to be very good with children. She also seems to be the relationship type, seeing that she lists her longest one as lasting 8 years. Being that she is 27 years old, that means that over a quarter of her life was spent with one person. What we had to learn about her separate from ABC’s information is that she also has a history in pageants with some modeling occasionally thrown in there.

Possible cons – Our biggest worry from the get-go here is that while being the relationship type is great, there’s also a worry that she may not be fully prepared to handle the competitive side of “The Bachelor” thanks to being out of the dating pool for so long. Also, being a teacher can lead to a certain amount of shyness in that you know that any one misstep or hot tub makeout session, if steamy enough, could lead to trouble at work. You’re going to be more on your toes than someone with a job that doesn’t involve educating the youth of America.

Pre-show outlook – At first, we pegged Elise to be gone by week 3, but this may be one of the few occasions where we think that someone’s pageant experience could really help them. So long as she doesn’t talk constantly about it (and we don’t get the impression that she will), this may help her have some of the confidence that she needs to stand out in a crowd, and then win Juan Pablo over with some of what she has done with her life. She has the potential to go very far if the chemistry is there, and be a contender in the end.

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