‘Doctor Who’ season 8 spoilers: What to expect with Peter Capaldi; final Christmas special tease

There are a couple of “Doctor Who” headlines to get to on this fine Christmas Eve, so let us start off by discussing one final clip from the Christmas Special airing tomorrow night. There’s no real context for it, but it is a very funny little clip featuring The Doctor and Clara as he proclaims that anything that can be said to him can also be said in front of Jenna Coleman’s character … only to then go completely back on it in seconds.

Yes, we do feel terribly sorry for Clara after watching this, and she’s obviously a trooper for not making much of a fuss at all. We’re still going to have her around throughout season 8, but there is still a part of us that feels very sad at the thought of not seeing her with Matt Smith anymore.

The only silver lining that comes out of this is that in not too much more time at all, Peter Capaldi is going to be on the scene as the 12th Doctor. Typically, there have been two more regenerations that that and we’re curious to see how Steven Moffat solves that dilemma, but assuming that he figures out a way, what can we expect from the new character? Obviously, there’s going to be a new sense of energy and gravitas around the character, and the relationship with Clara will likely be different. We would be stunned if they had a similar sort of chemistry, and we expect that their communication with evolve into something else.

As for when the show will really start to get going on production for season 8, it starts early next year and in that sense, there’s not too much waiting at all for more news on the show. Unfortunately, you’re looking at later in the summer for the actual season 8 premiere date, which means that you are basically going to be waiting well over a year from the end of one formal “Doctor Who” season to the start of the other. At least we’ve had these specials to help us get through the waiting. There will likely be more guest stars and familiar characters in these new episodes, but Moffat is pretty notorious for keeping things a surprise.

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