‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Danielle Ronco

When we look at applicants for “The Bachelor” and try to guess how they are going to fare, it’s often hard to gauge for one reason: While there are occasionally some superficial men and women who star on the show, having a personality does count for something here. If you are as dull as dirt, it’s not going to get you anywhere regardless of what you look like.

This is why we always try to assess personality as one of the most important things in looking at a contestant before a season, since if you are trying to make yourself standout even during their pre-show questionnaires, it at least shows that you are invested in the process and willing to put yourself out there. If you don’t try, it makes us feel like you really don’t have any personality at all when this is all we have to go on.

So in looking today at Danielle Ronco as a possible Juan Pablo Galavis contender in our spotlight series, the effort that she put into letting us know a little about her suggests she has a shot.

Possible pros – The first thing that we notice about Danielle is that she does seem to be adventurous and enjoys traveling, which is something that also appeals to Juan Pablo. She’s into some activities that could consider her a tomboy, and she also claims that she can get ready for a night out in thirty minutes. Also, her job as a psychiatric nurse is one of those things that is admirable, and you don’t typically look at that and see “oh, you really must want to be famous.” (Bartender or model, on the other hand…)

Possible cons – There’s really nothing that stands out as a glaring weakness right now, unless Juan Pablo is looking for someone who is more of a polar opposite to him than somebody who he has a few things in common with. It comes down more to personality types, an while he may have been adventurous in the past, he may be trying to settle down more that his daughter is getting older.

Pre-show outlook – We can see Danielle going for a few weeks on the show without a problem, but she may need to show more of a vulnerable side if she wants to get further. She’s probably become good at her job at by not letting things get to her, but she may need to show some of that emotional side if she wants to do well here. We don’t know if she will do that well enough to last a long time.

What is your take on Danielle? Be sure to share your thoughts below.

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