‘Girls’ season 3 trailer: More scenes of Lena Dunham, Allison Williams’ latest exploits

Could “Girls” season 3 finally be the season that Hannah Horvath starts to get a good bit of her life together? While we wouldn’t quite go that far just yet, it will at least look to be the season where she has some opportunities to do that. Despite her OCD and the trauma of her life really getting in the way of the essay-writing process last year, she has somehow found a way to get moving in the right direction again, and based on the latest trailer below, the only thing that could slow her down is her own self-sabotaging ways.

The feelings exemplified by some of these characters in the clip are more or less microcosms for what many young women and men are going through right now in their mid-to-late twenties. Even though they went to college and got an education, they don’t quite know just what they are supposed to do with it. Years are passing by, and they’ve yet to find their true calling. This is what makes this generation so different from ones in the past, as everything happens now at a much slower pace.

This is a trailer dominated mostly by Lena Dunham, Allison Williams does also get a few good moments in here as Marnie tries to figure out where in the world she went wrong with some of her life goals. She and Charlie are no more (again), and the official synopsis released by HBO suggests that she has changed her job again, and is now back living with her parents. As for the other characters, Shoshanna has become maybe a little bit more like Jessa, but we’re not saying that she is all the way there by any means. After all, “Shoshie” has yet to do anything near as awful as what happened to Hannah on the road with Jessa last season.

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