‘Justified’ season 5 trailer: Boyd Crowder ‘gets down to business’

Boyd -Tuesday, January 7 should be the date that all fans of FX’s “Justified” circle on their calendar. Why? That’s when the series is officially coming back on the network, and you’ll get an opportunity to see the return of Raylan, Boyd, and every other character that you’ve come to love since the start of the series’ run. There’s going to be quite a bit that happens over the course of the episodes ahead, and it feels like we can classify almost all of it using one word: Awesome.

In the full trailer below, you at least get a sense of some of the story threads that will be starting to unfold. Boyd Crowder is going to be even more of a man on a mission, while the arrival of Daryl Crowe Jr. (Michael Rappaport) is going to create quite a few problems for everyone. He’s a dangerous guy, and someone capable of getting a whole empire behind him that will be very difficult to stop.

On a more lighthearted note, there are also some signs of romance in the clip, action sequences aplenty, and Raylan completely ruining a good time courtesy of firing a few shots into a swimming pool. What are we to make from this? It’s as simple as that maybe he’s just not a swimming fan.

“Justified” is one of FX’s most-consistent hits, and with a few great characters to go along with it. The only thing that we frequently lament is that with it airing so early on during the year, it tends to be forgotten much of the time once you roll around to awards season. Hopefully, this season is so amazing that no one will be able to forget it.

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Photo: FX

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