‘Glee’ season 5 notes: More news on Lea Michele and Julia Roberts

The wait begins -Even though “Glee” like so many other shows may be on a winter hiatus right now, we still like to think that there is quite a bit that we can still talk about … including some rumors that are partially ridiculous, or at least unlikely to ever happen.

Lea Michele as “X Factor” judge? – This is somewhere near the top of the list of ridiculous rumors, and while we understand Lea saying what she did about it, the press is probably just running this one completely out of control, since they like to do that sometimes.

Lea was speaking out in a new interview with “Extra” at the show’s finale, where she performed her new single “Cannonball,” and she said the following about possibly working for Simon Cowell as a member of the panel someday:

“I think he is so awesome! Fox is my family. This is my home. If X Factor wants to have me, I’m around!”

Now, let’s come back down to reality for a minute. Lea is not going to be a judge next season, since she has the new season of “Glee” to film and there’s little chance she can be a series regular on one show and a judge on another. Demi Lovato was only able to pull it off thanks to her appearances being somewhat limited. On a different note, there’s no guarantee that “X Factor” is even coming back, despite Simon’s assurances that it will.

About Julia Roberts appearing on the show… – It could happen, at least based on the connections between the Oscar-winner and Ryan Murphy. She has already done “Eat Pray Love” with him, and she appears in the upcoming HBO movie “The Normal Heart” that he directed. But when it comes to the musical, she joked the following about appearing to E! News:

“If he came up with a some funny soap opera back from the dead moment for the last vestiges of the entire series, wouldn’t that be fun!”

The reason why this is not going to happen is simply because there’s no reason for Julia to do it unless she desperately wants to. She’s already got a successful movie career, and really only does the roles that she wants to.

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Photo: Fox

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