‘The Amazing Race 24’ spoilers: A small (but welcome) Phil Keoghan tease

Amazing Race -Don’t be too thrown off by the word “spoilers” in the title: We have no plans whatsoever to tell you who finishes where on the upcoming season of “The Amazing Race.” Why ruin the fun? What we’re really here to tell you is something that we imagine many of you out there are going to love to hear: The upcoming season premiering next year is not going to be an exhibition of hand-holding and watching a bunch of teams get along while racing around the world.

Rather than over-analyze anything too much, let’s just get to sharing what host Phil Keoghan had to say in a post on Twitter:

“Stand by for #TAR24 we are already working hard to get it to you … it will be the most competitive yet, seriously.”

This season of the show has already been filmed, and the cast list is already seemingly out there for you to see. But most important right now, we’re thrilled to hear about the return of the drama. While there was some of that at the end of season 23, it wasn’t the good variety of teams going at each other. Instead, you had Travis & Nicole making us incredibly uncomfortable, and the rest of the final leg (save for a great last location) was pretty free of any major competition. Jason & Amy had the lead early, and nobody ever came close from there.

While we know that everyone has their own definition of what makes a perfect season of the show, we love the ones that feature teams really getting into it from start to finish, whether this means U-Turns, arguments, secrecy, or whatever other little trick that they need to pull out a win. At some point people need to wake up and realize that this is a game, and not some sort of indictment on whether or not you’re a good person.

We’ll have a few more assorted scoops here and there on “The Amazing Race” before the new season starts … but as we said, we’ll never spoil anything that will destroy the show for you.

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Photo: CBS

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